How did Ramesh accomplish that?

I really tried.

What do you conclude about her abnormal behavior?

The last time I was in China, I visited Shanghai.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

We'll take good care of Norbert.

No one would talk about it.

You're not really a teacher, are you?


My father used to drink 4 bottles of beer and smoke 4 packets of cigarettes every day without fail.

Show me how you did it.

You are always pissed off.

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I must tell you the truth.

He badly exaggerated his ability to achieve a breakthrough.

I don't have time to translate this text.

I'm sure this will happen again.

I cannot drive Taninna to school. My car is broken down.

Kevan didn't give us any further details.

You really have to go now.


He is the manager of the marketing department.

I was happy I did that.

The ocean's supposed blueness comes entirely from the sky.

She paid nothing.

You were manipulating him.


Why were you crying?


The old man envies the youth.

Are you ready to leave?

They gave me what I wanted.

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Daniele didn't have any hard evidence, but he thought Brett was the one who stole his mother's diamond ring.


It doesn't suit my tastes.


He is lazy by nature.

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I was hoping you'd know what to do with Bonnie.

That's just plain wrong.

It's nearly midnight in Boston.

He wrote down the number lest he should forget it.

She helped me willingly.

Japan is a mighty nation.

Jiri looks stuck.

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The ground is covered with snow.

Do you have a coin?

The successful candidates were beside themselves with joy.


Are they alive?

Keep money in a safe place.

Pilar couldn't get his shoes off.

What's been done?

I'm going to ask you to do your duty.

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Don't just take my word for it.


Do you have any idea how many people live in Boston?

You should study English harder.

Do you like this song?


Israel wanted Rod to invite him to her party.

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I thought I'd never see you again.


Shawn crumpled the paper.


I thought you'd be too busy to see me.

What key is this song in?

I don't deserve this and you know it.


Benjamin has allergies.


I asked Ruth where he'd bought his bicycle.

Case got down on one knee and asked Major to marry him.

Mom! Stop! You're embarrassing me.


There were some flowers there.


We're going to my folks for Christmas this year.


She has to fix the fridge.

Olof outwitted Kerri.

This apple is sour.

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Are you sure that's what Kathleen wants?


We're finally on the right track.

It's you I've come for.

That was nuts.

This is the friend to whom I gave the key.

What is Lord's real purpose?

Each player did his best.

They both work.

I am very discrete.

We were obliged to give up our plan.

You had to make a choice.

They called on us to do something to help the victims.

He was paroled after having served eleven years of his sentence.

A dessert without cheese is like a one-eyed pretty girl.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

He put a cover over his car.


Talented students come from far and wide to attend this school.


Kusum will likely follow your advice.

The group put up posters to remind people that noise is harmful.

This cartographer is famous for the precision in her maps.


In my opinion, soccer is a great sport.

That singer has an awful voice.

She's in the pocket of big corporations.

I never really thought I'd get married.

The suspect had to lay all his personal effects on the table.

Would you like to see some photos of my trip?

It was quite dark when I got there.

We have a package here for Christofer.

Do you speak English?

I don't know anything about you.

He didn't notice the change.

You're lucky to have found each other.

Space, Carolyn and John spent Saturday practicing for the talent show.

I'm sure I have the right number.

Please don't throw the bottle out the window.


Words cannot describe the horror I experienced.

She allegedly murdered him.

That's cheap, isn't it?

Anybody want a lift?

They took on more than they could handle.


Good fruit is scarce in winter, and costs a lot.

Did you kiss anybody?

Why should I stop Hal?

Is Vinod the right man for Shel?

Why don't you come over around six or so?

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Why would they need to do that?

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We'll have a picnic in the park.

Would you like some tea?

Greetings from Brazil!


Lori has never liked Kelly.

He suggested we should start at once.

There is a lot of furniture in this room.

Let me speak to Mark first.

It could take up to three months to finish this.


Send me a message or give me a call if you're interested.


He left immediately.

I've been working here 13 months.

Lou has a lot of money in the bank.

The king had numerous illegitimate children with her.

He exclaimed that I should not touch the gun.

We just don't have enough money.

We know how it's going to end.

Thanks for noticing that.

The moon's so bright.

You'd better come, too.

You snooze, you lose.

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Victor, do you like long hair or short hair on girls?


The scientists have not found any explanation for the mysterious phenomenon.

Rain is wonderful.

I'm sorry that you and Claude had a fight.

I'm allowing all attacks except on vital organs.

I finally graduated from junior high school.


You'd probably be disappointed.


Vidhyanath looks like a rich man.


One can explore and explain only that which exists.

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It took several hours to clear the mess left from the wreck of the truck and several cars.


Siegurd, you're not schizophrenic.

The teacher said: "Above all, what is necessary for success is perseverance."

We stayed overnight in Hakone.

The surface of a planet is composed mostly of water.

How do you expect me to do that?


I feel faint.


I immediately wrote a letter to ask her, but she did not reply.

I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.

Where did you want to take Tarmi?

Are you coming at six or at seven?

She is buying books in the bookstore.

I never had the chance to talk with Joshua.

She sang pretty well.


Jennifer abused my confidence.

Liza is doing pushups.

Who will go get the pide?